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Ship-To Maintenance

Ship-To Maintenance is accessed via the ship-to maintenance button on the main menu. Use the save button at the top of the screen to save any changes made.

Ship-to addresses are used when you do not wish to have orders shipped to the company address; or you wish to ship to a specific location at the company address.

The grid on the left is for switching between ship-to addresses. All changes are made in the fields to the right of the grid.

Default Taxes
Up to three different tax entities may be defined, each with their own respective tax rates. Taxes may be defined per ship-to address  and may be overridden from the company, the vendor or on the purchase order itself. By default, the company taxes are used when a new purchase order is created.

Adding New Ship-To Addresses
To add a new ship-to address, click the button. Ship-To numbers are automatically assigned.

Switching Between Ship-To Addresses
Use the list on the left to navigate between ship-to addresses.

Deleting a Ship-To Address
Switch to the ship-to address that is to be deleted. Then, click the button. If the ship-to address is referenced on any purchase orders, it may not be deleted.