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Company Maintenance

This is used to manage overall company settings. Click on the blue company bar on the main menu to access company maintenance. Use the save button at the top of the screen to save any changes made.

The grid on the left is for switching between companies. All changes are made in the fields to the right of the grid.

Companies are automatically numbered for you, beginning at 1. The first company has already been added for you. Simply edit the information in the fields provided to the right of the grid.

Default Taxes
Up to three different tax entities may be defined, each with their own respective tax rates. Taxes may be defined per company and may be overridden from the vendor, the ship-to address or on the purchase order itself. By default, the company taxes are used when a new purchase order is created.

Default P.O. Data
The purchase order numbering sceme consists of a prefix, the current purchase order number, and a suffix. The prefix and suffix fields are optional. 

The main purchase order numbering scheme is set in defaults maintenance. However, this may be overriden by the company defaults on this screen. Select "Own Scheme" to override the overall default. It may also be overridden by the purchase order itself.

Current Number represents the number of the next purchase order to be created.

Digits to Show controls the width of the number portion of the overall purchase order number.

Sample shows what the next purchase order number will look like.

Logo File
You may place a one inch by three inch bitmap logon on the purchase order. All logos must be bitmaps. The defaults maintenance establishes the overall default logo. However, each company may override the default logo with its own logo.

Logos are stored in a folder with the Fast-PO data. The location of this folder will vary, based on the operating system of your PC. Here is where to look:
  • Vista: C:\ProgramData\ALMSysInc\FastPO\Logos
  • NT/2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ALMSysInc\FastPO\Logos
  • 95/98/ME: C:\Windows\Application Data\ALMSysInc\FastPO\Logos

    Under the "FastPO" folder, a "Logos" folder exists that contains a "blanklogo.bmp" file. By default, all purchase orders will print with this blank logo. DO NOT DELETE OR ALTER THIS FILE.

    Is does not matter what you name your default logo. You may also save this logo to a different folder. However, it is highly recommended to keep all of your purchase order logos in the logos folder.

    Once your log has been created, click on the Logo File field and locate that file in the window provided.

    If you do not specify a logo file, FAST-PO will first look for a "defaultlogo.bmp," and then the "blanklogo.bmp."

    Report Direction Layout will tell the software which format of purchase order to create.

    Set the Default Currency to the currency for the company. This will be assigned to each new purchase order. (Each purchase order has the ability of changing its currency symbol.) A few different currencies are listed for easy selection. The program stores the numerical value for the symbol selected, so you may manually enter the symbol's code in the Numerical Value field if you know it. The corresponding symbol will be displayed to you for confirmation.

    Adding New Companies
    To add a new company, click the button. The first company number avilable will be assigned.

    Switching Between Companies
    Use the company list on the left to navigate between companies. When you exit, the current selected company will appear on the main menu.

    Deleting a Company
    Switch to the company that is to be deleted. Then, click the button. Company #1 may never be deleted. If the company is referenced on any purchase orders, it may not be deleted.