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This is used to store overall Fast-PO defaults. Defaults are accessed via the defaults button on the main menu. Use the save button at the top of the screen to save any changes made.

Defaults Page
Require Logon Password will allow you to secure the software. The password must be at least eight characters and is case sensitive.

Look For Updates Every 90 Days tells the software to check the website for updates every ninety days.

P.O. Numbering
The purchase order numbering scheme consists of a prefix, the current purchase order number, and a suffix. The prefix and suffix fields are optional. 

Current Number represents the number of the next purchase order to be created.

Digits to Show controls the width of the number portion of the overall purchase order number.

Sample shows what the next purchase order number will look like.

This purchase order numbering scheme may be overriden in company maintenance. It may also be overridden by the purchase order itself.

Logo File
You may place a one inch by three inch bitmap logon on the purchase order. All logos must be bitmaps. The overall Fast-PO default logo is established here. Each company may override this logo with its own logo (see company maintenance).

Logos are stored in a folder with the Fast-PO data. The location of this folder will vary, based on the operating system of your PC. Here is where to look:
  • Vista: C:\ProgramData\ALMSysInc\FastPO\Logos
  • NT/2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ALMSysInc\FastPO\Logos
  • 95/98/ME: C:\Windows\Application Data\ALMSysInc\FastPO\Logos

    Under the "FastPO" folder, a "Logos" folder exists that contains a "blanklogo.bmp" file. By default, all purchase orders will print with this blank logo. DO NOT DELETE OR ALTER THIS FILE.

    Is does not matter what you name your default logo. You may also save this logo to a different folder. However, it is highly recommended to keep all of your purchase order logos in the logos folder.

    Once your logo has been created, click on the Logo File field and locate that file in the window provided.

    If you do not specify a logo file, FAST-PO will first look for a "defaultlogo.bmp," and then the "blanklogo.bmp."

    Remaining Items on the Screen
    Report Direction Layout will tell the software which format of purchase order to create. This may be overridden in company maintenance.

    Automatic Desktop Recalculate? is used to tell the software to recalculate the desktop tallies between each purchase order. If you find that this calculation is taking a lengthy amount of time, then set this to "No."

    E-Mail Page
    If you need to e-mail purchase orders or purchase order data files, then the information on this screen will need to be completed. The fields with a red asterisk * are required fields and must be provided in all cases.

    (If you use Microsoft Outlook Express, the blue text indicates the Outlook Express field name and location that is the equivalent. To copy Outlook Express data, choose "Tools - Accounts," select the default mail type, and press Properties.)

    Address is the e-mail address to which the e-mail would reply. (i.e. (General - Name)

    "From" Name is the name to display that the e-mail is from. (i.e. Bob Jones) (General - Reply Address)

    Organization Name is the name of your company. This is optional. (General - Organization)

    Outgoing Mail Server is the address of the outgoing SMTP server. (i.e. (Servers - Outgoing mail (SMTP))

    If your mail server requires authentication, then indicate as such and fill in the User Name and Password fields. (Servers - Account name and Servers - Password)

    If your mail server requires a different outgoing port than 25, you may change it here. (587 is another commonly used port.)