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Getting Started

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Initial Set Up
When you first install the program, all of the databases (files) are empty. You will need to define entries in a number of files before you will be able to print your first purchase order. Please follow these guidelines to get started.

1. Please set the defaults, first.

2. Determine the organization for your company. If you need to have separate reporting or purchase orders per company, or per company division, then you will need to set up multiple companies. You will need to set up at least one company. Go to company maintenance for more details.

3. If you plan on shipping to addresses that differ from the company addresses, then you will need to establish ship-to addresses. Go to ship-to maintenance for more details.

4. The last thing to set up are the vendors (and vendor parts) from which you will be ordering.

Adding a Purchase Order
Before adding a purchase order, you must switch to the company for which this purchase order will be assigned. See Company Maintenance for how to do this. Once you are on the correct company, press the button at the top of the screen.

This will open up the purchase order edit notebook. Please go to help topic Purchase Order Creation to continue.