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Select Purchase Order Grid

The select purchase order screen is accessed by clicking the button on the main screen.

The main purpose of this screen is to locate an existing purchase order on which to work. However, there are other functions and features to this screen.

Open purchase orders will have black text, and closed orders will have red text.

Selecting a Purchase Order
Double click on the purchase order to be opened. You may also single click on it and press the button.

Sorting & Searching the Grid
The grid may be sorted by clicking on the column header by which you wish to sort. The current sort column's title will be highlighted.

Searching is performed for the column currently being sorted. Type your search information in the search box at the top of the grid. Searching will be performed as you type.

Limiting the Grid & Reporting
At the bottom of the screen are fields which may be used to limit the records displayed in the grid. After specifying the limitation criteria, click the Apply button. The limitation criteria you specify will be remembered for you.

Criteria Definitions
Company # is the company number to limit. Set to zero to see all companies.

Combine as one is for reporting only. Normally, the report for this screen page breaks by company. If you want the report to merge all records together, regardless of company number, then check this box.

Combine as one is used for reporting only. It will set the company numbers to zero on the report, thus merging all data into one company.

Status is the opend or closed status of the purchase order.

Paid is the paid status of the purchase order.

Job No. will limit to a specific job number.

Date Range, when checked, will limit records to be between the start date and end date provided. Use the Against Date field to tell the program which date field to which the limitation is to be applied.

The Report button will show a report for the purchase orders on the screen, in the same order as the screen. The report will tally and break by company number, unless the Combine as one is checked.

Deleting Purchase Orders
Purchase orders may be deleted from the system by selecting the purchase order and pressing the button. 

The grid also allows for multiple deletions at a time. To delete a group (altogether in the grid), hold down the shift key and click on the first record to be deleted, then click on the last record to be deleted. That will turn them all blue. Click the button to delete them all.

You may also delete multiple records at a time that are not all grouped together. Use the Ctrl key for this. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on each record to be deleted. That will turn them all blue. Click the button to delete them all.