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Thank you for using "Fast-PO!"

This program is designed to produce purchase orders and to track prior purchase orders. Although this system was written for businesses in the USA, you may find that it will work outside the US as well.

  • Muliple company support.
  • No special forms needed. This will print a purchase order on plain, 8-1/2" x 11" paper.
  • Stores vendors' names,  addresses, and contact information. Has feature to import vendor names and addresses.
  • Stores vendors' parts information. Each part may contain up to five lines of description. Has feature to import vendor parts.
  • Vendor name & address import ability
  • Automatically numbers the purchase order with a numbering scheme you define. Each company may have its own numbering scheme.
  • Allows you to place your logo on the purchase order. Each company may have its own logo.
  • Purchase orders may be printed portrait or landscape.
  • Purchase orders may be e-mailed (as a PDF attachment) to the vendor, ship-to, and/or company e-mail addresses.
  • Stores ship-to names, addresses and contact information.
  • Easy-to-follow screens.
    and MORE....

    Unregistered versions of "Fast-PO" will restrict its usage so that you can see what it will do before you purchase the software. These restrictions are lifted upon payment and registration. Registration information can be found in help topic How to Register.

    Folders Used
    The release of Microsoft Vista (and after) forces programs to store their data files separately from that of the programs. Here are the typical locations:

  • NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8: C:\Program Files\ALMSysInc\FastPO

    Data Files
    The location of the data files folder is stored in the programs folder in a file named "FPOConnect.ini." Simply double click on the file to view its contents.

    Vista/7/8: C:\ProgramData\ALMSysInc\FastPO
    NT/2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ALMSysInc\FastPO
    95/98/ME: C:\Windows\Application Data\ALMSysInc\FastPO

    This folder contains all of the data files, logo files (in the logos folder), and any other file that is created or modified by the Fast-PO program.